2CY\KCB\YCB Series Gear Oil Pump

The pump is a high-temperature oil pump with Yangcheng. It is equipped with a 45-kilowatt 6-level motor. The YHCB arc gear pump is suitable for transporting lubricating oil that does not contain solid particles and fibers.

Application scope:

It can be used as a transmission and booster pump in the oil delivery system;
It can be used as a fuel pump for delivery, pressurization and injection in the fuel system;
It can be used as a hydraulic pump to provide hydraulic power in the hydraulic transmission system;
In the industrial field, it can be used as a lubricating oil pump.

Structural features:

This series of arc gear pumps are mainly composed of gears, shafts, pump bodies, pump covers, bearing sleeves, and shaft end seals. The gear is made of double-arc sine curve tooth profile. Compared with involute gears, it has the advantages that there is no relative sliding of the tooth profile during the gear meshing process, so the tooth surface has no wear, stable operation, no liquid phenomenon, low noise, long life and high efficiency. The pump gets rid of the shackles of traditional design, making the gear pump enter a new field in design, production and use.

The pump is equipped with a valve as overload protection, and the total return pressure of the valve is 1.5 times the rated discharge pressure of the pump. It can also be adjusted according to actual needs within the allowable discharge pressure range. But note that this valve cannot be used as a pressure reducing valve for a long time, and can be installed on the pipeline when necessary.

The pump shaft end seal is designed in two forms, one is a mechanical seal and the other is a packing seal, which can be determined according to specific use conditions and user requirements. Looking at the pump from the extended end of the main shaft, it rotates clockwise.

Seal advantages:

1. The sealing is reliable, the sealing state is very stable during long-term operation, and the leakage is small, and the leakage is about 1% of the soft packing seal.
2. Long service life, generally up to 1 to 2 years or longer in oil and water media. Generally, it can work for more than half a year in chemical media.
3. The friction power consumption is small, and the friction power is only 10%~50% of the soft packing seal.
4. The shaft or sleeve is basically not abraded.
5. Long maintenance period. After the end face is worn out, it can be automatically compensated. In general, frequent maintenance is not required.
6. Good shock resistance, insensitive to the vibration of the rotating shaft and the deflection of the shaft to the sealed cavity.
7. A wide range of applications, mechanical seals can be used for high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, different rotation frequencies, as well as various corrosive media and abrasive media containing seals.

Structural features:

1. If the pump is not filled with medium, it is strictly forbidden to start the power take-off handle, otherwise the gear will be burned out.

2. When the temperature is lower than degrees Celsius, drain the oil in the pump after the work is completed, otherwise it will freeze and break the pump box.

3. Strictly prevent hard objects from entering the pump body to damage the gears. When the pump is found to be unable to rotate, you should find someone to repair.

4. The user shall be responsible for the loss caused by the above reasons. 2CY series gear pumps are mainly suitable for conveying oils with a viscosity of 5~1500 m³/s, a temperature of below 80 degrees Celsius, no solid particles and fibers, lubricating oil and properties similar to this type of oil. Such as automobile, kerosene, diesel and mechanical lubricants.

It is an ideal pump for tank cars and petroleum departments. Installation, use, maintenance and maintenance:

The pump can be installed in refueling cars and oil depot pump rooms. The oil circuit design on the car should comply with the functions specified in Article 4.18.1 of GB9414-88.

The oil circuit diagram shown in this manual For reference only, if equipped with a four-way valve, the oil circuit is more convenient.

Product Usage:

The YCB type circular arc gear pump is suitable for conveying lubrication that does not contain solid particles and fibers, is non-corrosive, the temperature is not higher than 80℃, and the viscosity is 5×10-6~1.5×10-3m2/s (5-1500cSt) Oil or other liquids with properties similar to lubricating oil, and used in hydraulic transmission systems.


All products of our company can be customized according to the different needs of users of various stainless steel pumps (304, 316, 316L) corrosion-resistant pumps, copper-wheel explosion-proof pumps, etc. Stainless steel pumps and corrosion-resistant pumps are mainly used to transport media with strict sanitary conditions or corrosive media! Such as: acid, alkali and other chemical raw materials, food, etc. Copper wheel explosion-proof pumps are mainly used for volatile, flammable, explosive and other occasions! Such as: conveying diesel, gasoline, etc.

Product Specification

1Power supply Voltage380VAC
22.2-11Motor Power(KW)1.1-75
3Outlet Discharge amount (m^3/h)1.2-150
5Discharge pressure(MPa)0.3-0.7


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