CLHB、PVHB Series Vertical Pipeline Centrifugal Water Pump For Industrial Easy-disassemble

CLHB PVHB detachable marine centrifugal pump is a kind of detachable vertical centrifugal pump with novel structure and advanced technology ahead of other similar products, which is successfully developed on the basis of IS pump and ISG vertical pump.

Product Overview

    CLHB PVHB combining with the advanced technology from abroad on one hand, and based on the many years of production experience of the company and the valuable experience of the majority of users on the other hand. This series of products have been tested by Zhenjiang Sub-center of the National Pump Testing Center and found to be qualified in a number of indexes. This series of products fills the domestic blank, and its comprehensive performance reaches the modern advanced level of international similar products. This series of products are designed and manufactured strictly according to the international ISO2858.

   The series of products in the overall design of bold breakthroughs, the pump shaft adopts an independent support body, to solve the original ISG and ISW type pump extended shaft supported by the motor bearing shortcomings, the impeller, pump body using modern excellent hydraulic model design and manufacturing, eliminating the axial and radial forces of vertical pumps, so that the pump shaft bearings and motor bearings are only subjected to weak axial and radial forces, the motor adopts the standard motor of the Y series, the whole pump adopts a dismantling structure, the motor is a standard motor, the pump adopts the Y series. The whole pump adopts a dismantling structure, which solves the problem of inconvenient replacement of bearings, mechanical seals, impellers and other wearing parts of high-power pumps.

The series pumps have the irreplaceable advantages of smoother operation, longer service life, more convenient supporting, easier maintenance and so on compared with the current domestic products, and they are the most ideal products to replace ISG vertical pumps, IS centrifugal pumps, S-type double-suction pumps and other conventional centrifugal pumps.

Pump performance range:

Rated flow rate Qn=4.4m3/h ~ 1450m3/h.

Rated pressure Pn=0.125MPa~1.25MPa (head 1.25m~125m).

Rotating speed n=2900r/min, 1450r/min, 970/min.

Pump maximum working pressure P≤1.6MPa (P=P0+Pn) (P0 is the pump inlet pressure)

Pump inlet and outlet caliber 40mm~350mm

Main Applications

(1) CLHB PVHB type pumps are used for non-corrosive cold and hot water in heating, ships, chilled water systems and irrigation installations.

(2) CLHB PVHB pumps are used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and synthetic fibers.

Working conditions

(1) Medium temperature: T=-20 ℃ +120 ℃;

(2) Ambient temperature T ≤ 40 ℃, the ambient temperature does not exceed 95%.

Structural advantages

(1) The pump shaft and the motor shaft are rigidly connected, with small vibration and low noise;

(2) The inlet caliber of the pump is the same, so it can be installed in any position of the pipeline like a valve, and it is equipped with a chassis, which makes the pump easy and stable to install;

(3) The pump shaft has an independent bearing point, so that the motor bearings run reliably;

(4) Special structure mechanical seal with forced circulation without steering restriction, reliable operation and long service life.

(5) Unique installation structure greatly reduces the footprint of the pump, saving construction investment of 30% to 50%.


The pump is driven by the motor through the motor coupling and rotates clockwise when viewed from the drive end.


Pump casing: cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel, copper alloy

Impeller: cast iron, copper alloy, stainless steel

Pump cover: cast iron, stainless steel Pump shaft: 45, stainless steel

Installation instructions

1, the weight of the pipeline should not be added to the pump during installation, there should be their own support body, so as not to make the pump deformation affects the operating performance and life.

2、For the convenience of maintenance and safety, install a regulating valve on each of the import and export pipelines of the pump and a pressure gauge near the outlet of the pump to ensure that the pump operates within the rated head and flow rate and to increase the service life of the pump.

3, the pump is used for suction occasions, should be equipped with a bottom valve, and the inlet pipeline should not have too many bends, while there should be no water leakage, air leakage.

4, the installation of the pump shaft, the impeller should not be friction sound or jamming phenomenon, otherwise the pump should be disassembled to check the cause.

5、The installation of the pump is divided into two kinds of hard coupling and flexible coupling.



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