CSS Series High-Efficiency Single-Stage Double-Suction Pump

Marine CSS type high-efficiency single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump is a new generation series of products with a wide range of performance and multi-purpose capability. It is widely used in ship ballast water pumps, bilge water pumps, water curtain fire pumps, cargo water pumps.

Product Description

Flow:50-11160m3 /h



Pump weight:110-25600 kg

Motor power:22-2240 kw

Cavitation margin: 2.1-13.7 m

Product Description

The suction and discharge ports of single-stage double-suction centrifugal pumps are below the axis of centrifugal pumps and are perpendicular to the axis in a horizontal direction. There is no need to dismantle the inlet and outlet water pipes and motor during maintenance. The double-suction pump rotates in clockwise direction from the transmission direction, and it can be changed to counterclockwise direction according to the needs.

The main parts of double suction pump are impeller, pump body, pump cover, shaft, double suction sealing ring, shaft sleeve and so on.

The pump body and pump cover constitute the impeller’s workshop, and the inlet and outlet flanges are equipped with pipe screw holes for vacuum gauge and pressure gauge. There are pipe screw holes for water discharge under the inlet and outlet flanges.

The impeller is static balanced and can be adjusted on both sides of the sleeve and sleeve nut.

●The pump shaft is supported by two single-row radial ball bearings. The bearings can be mounted at both ends of the pump body and lubricated with grease.

● The double suction sealing ring is used to minimize the leakage of water from the pump’s pressure chamber back into the suction chamber.

●Double suction pumps are directly driven by motors using flexible couplings, and can be driven by internal combustion engines when needed.

●Shaft seals are generally soft packing seals and mechanical seals.



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