Difference between marine water pumps and land pumps?

Post Time: 2024-01-27 22:38:51

Marine water pumps and land pumps differ significantly in some aspects.

Marine water pumps, such as amphibious pumps, self-priming sewage pumps, submerged sewage pumps, etc., are mainly characterized by:

Compact structure, small footprint, space saving.

Good self-priming performance, can be quickly pumped, and is not affected by poor conditions (such as high temperature, with gas).

Relatively low price, easy to maintain.

Land pumps include submersible pumps, pipeline pumps, circulating pumps, etc., which are mainly characterized by:

Relatively low price.

Easy maintenance, smooth operation.

Installation is flexible, can be installed in the water, can also be installed on land.

It should be noted that these features are only a general description, the specific model of the pump may have different characteristics.


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