CWY Series Marine Explosion-proof Centrifugal Pump

CWY-type Marine diesel emergency fire pump is developed in accordance with relevant provisions of The Rules and Regulations for the Construction of Sea-going Steal Ships- 2001, issued by China Classification Society (CCS), and the International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea.


It is mainly applied in emergency fire protection for vessels, and, additionally, in industrial and mining enterprises, ports and docks, warehouse or freight yard etc. The pump integrates widely acclaimed features such as light weight, small size, flexibility in moving, rapid starting, rapid discharge, large capacity of fuel tank, anti-corrosion, reliability and ease of maintenance etc.

Technical Parameters

ModelSuction Mpa  Lift mPower kwFlow m³/hRotate speed r/minEnergy electricityType of dieselInlet/OutletmmCertificationStyle
50CWY-27 0.07323.68253600DieselKM178FΦ50/50CCSFixed/mobile,Single start/dual start
65CWY-40 0.07405.7303600DieselKM186FEΦ65/65CCS


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